Proptech meets cyber

Proptech meets cyber - risks in a hyperconnected world

Wednesday 27 October 2021

12:30PM – 1:30PM

About the event

Proptech businesses are faced with a myriad of threats, risks and opportunities. In a hyperconnected world, information security is essential to managing these. But, what other considerations are there? This lunchtime panel will be moderated by Dr Jed Horner, Head of Government Relations & Advocacy at Stone & Chalk Group.

Privacy, safety, sustainability and responsible use of technology more broadly, are increasingly core considerations for businesses when it comes to tech and the built environment. This is especially true for those operating at-scale globally throughout the value chain.

What is the evolving regulatory landscape in countries like Australia? What do you need to know for global supply chain readiness? How can we do risk management that is more inclusive of these factors?

If you’re in cyber security, you’ll want to attend to explore how proptech can leverage cyber security insights and good practice to be secure-by-design, and to explore the opportunities to convert opportunity into action.

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