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Monday 25 October

Impact of the Australian cyber security sector

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Tuesday 26 October

Australia’s cyber security sector – a vibrant competitive workforce

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Wednesday 27 October

Pushing the boundaries and the future of cyber

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Thursday 28 October

Buying and investing in Australian cyber capability

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    Showcase Maryland USA

    During this session we will explore the opportunities for cyber security and emerging technology companies within the state of Maryland, USA.

    8.00AM – 9.00AM | ONLINE (AEDT) Login to register for events

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    Kangaroo Island - Schools cyber breakfast:

    AustCyber, in partnership with Cyber CX, will be running a cyber awareness outreach breakfast with local schools across Kangaroo Island. Together, they will provide a session on career pathways in cyber and run a capture the flag competition for the children.

    10:30AM – 1:45PM | IN-PERSON Login to register for events

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    Introduction to digital forensics and digital forensics science - with Professor Matthew Sorrell

    This workshop introduces the principles of digital forensics as applied to incident response (based on NIST 800-86), and digital forensic science as applied to criminal investigation.

    10:30AM – 11:30AM | ONLINE (AEDT) Login to register for events

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    Cyber Escape Room

    Do you have what it takes to defend Australia from a cyber attack and escape the Special Operations Command Centre in time? Join ‘Australia under attack’ - a cyber escape room challenge with 20 of your fellow Australian Cyber Week attendees.

    2:00PM – 3:00PM | ONLINE (AEDT) Login to register for events

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    Splunk 101 fundamentals

    The Splunk 4 Rookies hands-on workshop will help you go from Splunk zero to Splunk hero in just one hour! You will become familiar with the most popular Splunk search commands and Splunk security foundations.

    3:30PM – 4:30PM | ONLINE (AEDT) Login to register for events

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    The great Australian funding debate

    Join us for a debate on the current state of procurement and policy as it relates to the emerging technology sectors within Australia. Our host will ask the big questions of guests, with two teams - affirmative and negative - battling it out to highlight the opportunities, challenges and required actions to uplift procurement across the nation.

    5:30PM – 7:00PM | ONLINE (AEDT) Login to register for events

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    Women In cyber: Navigating a male-dominated industry

    Currently, there is a severe shortage of cyber and information security professionals across the nation. In Australia, only 13% of Fortune 500 companies feature women in top cyber security positions. The increase in digitalisation, hybrid work environments and the threat landscape, has put Australia at risk.

    6:00PM – 9:00PM | IN-PERSON Login to register for events

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Friday 29 October

The convergence of OSINT and cyber security

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    RSA Conference innovation showcase

    Join us for this virtual event where expert-led panels and startups from around the world will open your eyes to the industry’s latest technology and solutions. Hear directly from the companies who are responsible for the newest developments from your own front row seat.


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    OSINT Combine: Full-day OSINT training

    Join us virtually for an instructor-led full day of OSINT training, provided by OSINT Combine, to learn open source fundamentals, searching essentials and cross platform social media network analysis. Learn how OSINT can complement cyber security.


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    The convergence of OSINT and cyber security

    Open source intelligence (OSINT) is a rapidly growing area of Australian expertise. Together, you will learn how OSINT can provide intelligence to help many human related issues like trafficking, slavery and child protection. Hear from professionals who have worked in this space across the public and private sectors and discover the journey into the world of OSINT and intelligence.


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